NH Home Inspector LLC
also does Home Improvement and renovations:

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  • Over 50 Years Experience in the construction trades
  • Certified Home Inspectors 
  • Servicing all of NH
  • Hard work and experience is what we offer
  • We are not satisfied until you are
  • Residential renovations and repairs as well as inspection services
  • We stand alone when it comes to the quality and effort that we put into every job and client. 
  1. Interior Renovations
    We can remodel any part of the interior of your home. Including the kitchen, and bathroom. You dont always need a new home, instead call us and speak to an experienced contractor about remodeling what you have so that it may better suite your needs and taste.
  2. Additions
    We can help you add on to your existing home. Sometimes all you need is just a little more space, or another bedroom, or a garage to make your home perfect for you. Call us today to speak with an experienced contractor and see what the possibilities may be.
  3. Landscape design and construction
    We can remodel your landscape as well. Including patios, walkways, walls, gardens, waterfalls, landscape lighting and much more. Give yourself a reason to go outside, to have a cookout, or to just smell the fresh air. We can help you design and change your landscape into something that fits your needs and taste. Call us today to speak with an experienced landscape contractor about the possibilities.
  4. General Repairs and Maintenance
    We can repair and maintain many things inside and outside of your home. Whether its a broken window, or malfunctioning door, or you just need a lawn mowing to keep mother nature at bay. We have the equipment and man power to handle all aspects of maintaining your property or properties. Call us today and ask about our endless service list for your home and landscape.

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